Perceptions about Criticism

The general perception about criticism is that it erupts from an unsettled subconscious yearning to acquire something one possesses or from failure to live up to the expectations of society. One should not forget, before ignorant generalisations, there are profound criticisms from informed analysis of a situation or ideology that has proven to be failures. Before any hasty conjecture, one should comprehend the philosophy of criticism. … Continue reading Perceptions about Criticism

There is a Way

If there is a way, sole reason paved the direction Contrary to all the other branching tributaries of pathways Without the usual obstructions created by thoughts This way becomes a choice for a journeying soul Initial haze will clear away with conscious perspectives A path solitary may look weary and extremely silent Now step ahead to wake up the slumbering fate Feel the rhythm as … Continue reading There is a Way


Incompetent! Unable to reiterate the prosaic thoughts Unheard conversations usually do not lure mundane gatherings Some views which have profound meanings sound contradictory Easy to survive the tidings of familiar waves  Two rungs of consciousness make a tectonic shift in multitude An unseen conflict amplified through usual discourse Intellectually devoid but amplified with excessive zeal Reflecting changes that are inaccurate and irreversible  There’s much solace … Continue reading Incompetent

Closed Chapters

Closed chapters beckon, to be read once more Stoic words with abundant feelings look pallid Instead, the background changed to dreary yellow Folded edges turn inward to gain some insight Missing the freshness of heydey dreams Some of the memories do carry old aromas Staying relevant between closed covers is tiring Without any hope, caught between heart and mind Lines recite frail feelings in a morose … Continue reading Closed Chapters