Perceptions about Criticism

The general perception about criticism is that it erupts from an unsettled subconscious yearning to acquire something one possesses or from failure to live up to the expectations of society.

One should not forget, before ignorant generalisations, there are profound criticisms from informed analysis of a situation or ideology that has proven to be failures. Before any hasty conjecture, one should comprehend the philosophy of criticism. Usually, there is an inclination to deride such criticism and a collective effort to stay away from a truth that proves to be incisive for weak minds to accept.

Conscious criticism is also a way to protest the widespread apathy that exists in society. Only with a mature interpretation of such criticism can we move ahead to an inclusive future; worrying less about the tiring effort to deal with the unconscious theories. We often forget criticism(s) can be without prejudice and for a selfless reason to improve an ailing situation.