Silent Conversations

The wishes of silent mind considers an engaging dialogue

Eclipsing every other distraction from voices unknown

Lilting voice secures a space in the heart, feels like drops of philtre

Neutralising the effects of acerbic languages of lamentable tongue

Usual banter and complaining is a reflection of purposelessness

Fortune is replenished by the faithful flow of silence

This is a confluence of ecstatic awakening for peaceful slumbering©


23 thoughts on “Silent Conversations

      1. It indeed is! Writing to (for those who write) humans is like flight to birds … No maps, no boundaries, no borders … One can travel across multiple realms of imagination with nothing to hold us back …

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      2. You know after a while words become superfluous … There are times when you feel something so deep that words cannot even capture it … However, a good writer, such as yourself still tries to communicate the same …

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      3. Absolutely, I agree with you. And for being understood, it is always an intuitive soul and telepathy, where language cannot distort the purity of thoughts can be the only channel to navigate the train of such deep feelings. Listening is a skill we are yet to comprehend perfectly.

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      4. Yes. Language could mankind only up to a certain stage … In order to progress to the next level of evolution, we will have to embrace silence. Silence gives you the answers you seek by using words.

        Listening is an integral part of silence … One requires to be silent to listen accurately and absorb effectively.

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