World and Sphere

It’s a world within a world

There are perceptions and reflections

Mostly, deflected from myriad consciousness

Crisscross of thoughts, suspended in reality

Every little reality becomes an entire world

Within spheres of own truth

Waiting for clarity to perforate microscopic designs

Allowing cosmic light to enlighten

That little world to flourish with conscious reason

When worlds will coalesce to birth another existence

Continuity of thoughts are limitless©

7 thoughts on “World and Sphere

    1. Particles or atoms are the building blocks of anything. What is inanimate, can be debated, as their atomic structure and bonds are altered to give them new shape and their structural identity. Modification or genetic alteration can be a case. Everything in this consciousness is relevant somewhere.

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    1. Thank you so much. Here, ‘myriad consciousness’ is the every consciousness that is present in any life form, especially the ones with higher consciousness. But, every quantum of awareness contributes in influencing the flow of life energy.

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      1. Any life starts with consciousness when conceived, each cell in the body, carry that information of life, which makes us unique. Consciousness is fundamental in knowing the true relationship with existence and how the elements and energy in nature help us guide in the journey.

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