Seeking Listeners

Not many times do knees touch the ground Walking with unsure steps even when numerous missteps Arrogance or a sense of defeat confronts the heart One who is defensive wishes to face life with weak armours Knees cannot bear the weight of undesirable embellishments Mindless thoughts create a manipulated world around Fidgeting with the resonance of pure aura; weakening presence There is no humiliation in … Continue reading Seeking Listeners

True Wish

Wish, the sea of emotions were seen by cosmic eyes Only a communication between the heart and universe’s soul Finding reasons behind every little experience attain clarity Life itself will never be questioned unnecessarily Spirited feelings with pure energy cascades from omniscience Ephemeral memoirs leave deep impression in the mind Fertile imaginations levitates to the realm of absolute bliss Only true love for life can fulfil … Continue reading True Wish