List of forgotten essentials

Faint images still murmur 

Overshadowed by life

Projections are a strategy

Overlapping blurry feelings

Disorganized conversations

Incurable negative tongue

Weak composition of words

Languages of despair

Impotent powers celebrated

An agreement accepted

Relegating the real self

Holding the crumpled list

Essentials are useless

Ambitions soar 

Dreams and perceptions

Marketed with skill

The virtue of conformity

A resounding ‘Yes’

Approval with diligence

Finding happiness and love

Another false labyrinth

None exists in convoluted world

Created enigma

To keep the heart busy

Forgotten list 

Still relevant to the self

But ignored and incarcerated

Essentials expunged

Remaining in oblivion

Crumpled life©


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