Monosyllables and Other Conversations

Leaving incoherent comments such as- ‘Indeed’, ‘Wow’, ‘Fabulous’, ‘I See’, or even going further to comment with various ‘Emojis’ (without a word before or after that) do not express any complete meaning and I have a serious inability in processing such frivolities or engaging with incomplete thoughts. I am no mind-reader, so those comments vanish into the world of oblivion as they do not add … Continue reading Monosyllables and Other Conversations


Dealing with life in a superficial manner has left consciousness vulnerable and unfit to think beyond the self and also analyse the deep impact of a situation that has arisen from faulty perspectives and inability to comprehend the chaos which is essential to destabilise the unforeseen threats of weak interpretations. Today, when we are forced to view ourselves in the mirror of truth we fail … Continue reading Understanding

Accepting Mindfulness

If you are forcing your conscious mind to contemplate too much about being ‘Mindful’, then most probably you are fascinated or distracted by the ideas that emanate from such discourses and distracted by various ideologies that have been propounded. Simply ‘Being’ and being aware of the self and looking at life with an introspective mind will simplify the journey. Mostly, individuals are trying to complicate … Continue reading Accepting Mindfulness