Accepting Mindfulness

If you are forcing your conscious mind to contemplate too much about being ‘Mindful’, then most probably you are fascinated or distracted by the ideas that emanate from such discourses and distracted by various ideologies that have been propounded. Simply ‘Being’ and being aware of the self and looking at life with an introspective mind will simplify the journey. Mostly, individuals are trying to complicate the idea of consciousness by not delving deeper into the relationship between ‘you’ and ‘universe’. It is important to find your own truth with a pure conscience. 


15 thoughts on “Accepting Mindfulness

  1. It is so important to practice mindfulness when at peace, so when the actual storm comes, and they come…yes, they come, then we would be strong and centered no matter what! The family, the job, finances… Happiness is possible inside the storms. I know it is. When the old habit of reactivity to the negative vibes comes, stay focused, stay centered. Acknowledge what is going on and embrace it. Let it be. Stay with it. Watch. The miracle will happen as soon as you as you stop and take your first mindful breath.

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      1. Good to hear, Amitav. I’m not sure if I’m busy or just in a limbo because I seem to find myself slacking and in relaxation often yet I am frustrated that I don’t have time to write. Sigh! I do need a weekend to catch up with reading and writing to get back into the swing of things. And I have books waiting to at least be opened and hopefully read.. eventually. Haha.
        How are you dear friend?

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