Meditative Sky

Aura of a meditative sky blesses dawn

Clarity is welcomed by eager eyes to seek life

Nature’s grandiloquence mesmerises

Divine tone colours the layer of consciousness

Cosmic hues enraptures imagination

Contemplation of morn fills with gratitude©


14 thoughts on “Meditative Sky

  1. Excellent ! beautiful & honest use of words…wonderful,its quiet good… I could relate better as I too have very recently learned a very simple but extremely effective meditation technique from Sadhguru’s disciples , called AumKar meditation..its based on vibrations…it takes less than a minute to learn itand you have to practice it for only 15 minutes a day but is highly effective as you can actually feel vibrations moving upwards..will write about it in detail in my next post…but for any kind of meditation, you need an ambiance as described perfectly in your post !

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      1. Thank you, Amitav!
        However, technically, it is night time on my side and I can tell that it is going to be a long night for me. My demons shall devour on my mind and heart tonight but reading your blog feed can alleviate some pain perhaps.

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      2. Really! Yayyy!!!!
        That is one great news Amitav! I am really happy for you. Cannot wait to read it! I would love to ask you more about it but I am not sure if you would like to disclose yet. 😀

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