Monosyllables and Other Conversations

Leaving incoherent comments such as- ‘Indeed’, ‘Wow’, ‘Fabulous’, ‘I See’, or even going further to comment with various ‘Emojis’ (without a word before or after that) do not express any complete meaning and I have a serious inability in processing such frivolities or engaging with incomplete thoughts. I am no mind-reader, so those comments vanish into the world of oblivion as they do not add value to my work and I fail to comprehend the cryptic messages. I really wouldn’t appreciate a ‘sigh’ or ‘monosyllabic’ comment.

I still remember, after reading one of my article/essay (about 800 words) I receive a comment saying’ ‘Indeed’. How thoughtful was that! Knowledge is not a commodity and I do not believe in ‘window-shopping for that.

In case there is a doubt or scope for conversation regarding the same I always respond to those comments to consider the suggestions of my readers. So, it is not one directional freeway. Knowledge is enhanced by communicating with each other.

I am so much thankful to my readers and friends who leave meaningful comments and sometimes my writing is enhanced by their thoughtful perspectives and interpretation. Those are the comments I cherish and also inspire me to continuously ponder about future writing ideas. I have been so fortunate in this blogging journey to have interacted and continuing to do so to learn through such virtual world brainstorming.

I continuously thank all my friends from the blogging community who patiently read and continue to do so, and also leave inspiring comments to make blogging a knowledgeable platform. I have learned so much during these interactions apart from using the blogging platform to convey my ideas.

Wishing everyone the best! My sincere gratitude to every blogger who has taken the onus of conveying ideas in creating an illumined future. My best wishes to everyone for a successful blogging journey.

9 thoughts on “Monosyllables and Other Conversations

  1. Indeed! Just kidding. It is sometimes hard to leave more thorough comments for some folks as they are trying to read too many folks. I have to sometimes catch myself and be sure to put something other than a grunt. Your point is well received, I should perhaps dial back how many I follow so my responses contain some heft

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  2. Exactly what goes in through my mind all the time. That small comment makes no sense except increasing the count, and the same is for when a person likes all my posts within a minute. It makes me sit there like, ‘aww thank you, but.. you didnt even read a single of them.’

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  3. I fully concur with you on this Amitav. I truly appreciate genuine feedback, not just flowery adjectives. Like you mentioned, heartfelt comments provide a great scope for conversation and learning. I appreciate some genuine and thought provoking comments that have given me ideas to write my next post.

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    1. Thank you, Radhika. Creativity cannot be measured and knowledge in immense, we have this wonderful blogging platform to learn, communicate, make friends, and also open our minds to various possibilities. When we write, lot of effort and thoughts go into it and a genuine feedback, thoughtful comment of appreciation urges me to actively communicate with the reader. Otherwise, the contrived monosyllables lay there in the comment section without any value.

      I am grateful that you could resonate with this post. Always inspiring and supportive.

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