Dealing with life in a superficial manner has left consciousness vulnerable and unfit to think beyond the self and also analyse the deep impact of a situation that has arisen from faulty perspectives and inability to comprehend the chaos which is essential to destabilise the unforeseen threats of weak interpretations. Today, when we are forced to view ourselves in the mirror of truth we fail to recognise the abyss of faults.

Far too long, we have become comfortable thinking about our own interest(s), thus being oblivious or insensitive to the subtle and important relationship and association we have with others around us. Accepting faults require courage, which is unfortunately missing. People get offended too often when ignorance prevails in every aspect of decision making and being told about the same.

Change, although inevitable becomes the biggest challenge when conformity is deeply ingrained along with long-term conditioning of consciousness in dealing with conflicting times. Unfortunately, not many minds are capable of propounding a logical theory to alleviate a mutually beneficial conclusion to allow inclusive society to thrive. If contrary times are unsettling life, it is also our fault, emboldened by our willful participation is such a journey.

8 thoughts on “Understanding

    1. I always love to read your comments. You have a balanced view on the ideologies I present and also reflects in your writings. It is said, criticism is unnecessary and sometimes harsh, yet, I am self critical, as I belong to society too. I include myself and also the sentiments that are detrimental for change. To arrive at these critical junctures, one has to be mentally prepared to face the truth and gain the ability to change the course of life in a meaningful direction. I hope to make a minuscule contribution through my writing to enable a change in thought process.

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      1. Thank you Amitav! Like you I do try and have a balanced view, thank you for noticing! But some days I want to go the other route, and then I think, “What will that do?” We have enough one sided arguments on social media and the news. Truthfully, it’s important to weigh both sides, or even all sides of an issue. We should at least understand what we feel we’re opposing, because how can we really argue our points if we don’t understand the argument. You said it best, “one has to be mentally prepare to face the truth and gain the ability to change the course of life in a meaningful direction.” The best way is to diligently try and set good examples of what we hope to inspire, rather than not–and of course, always pick our battles, some are not worth the fight. I truly hope your pieces are studied in academia one day, and most of all that people take the time to read and reflect. Best wishes Amitav! It’s always nice chatting with you. 🙂

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      2. I love the way you explained the entire scenario. This is how meaningful conversation progresses and new thoughts emerge. We have to create a bridge to facilitate such knowledge to lead the way to a progressive future. It all starts with our own responsible dialogue and introspection.
        I am deeply honored as your comments on my work inspires me to present these thoughts. Likewise, it’s a pleasure talking to you, always. My best wishes for you. ☺

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  1. All the aspects of dealing with life is truly superficial. Values and ethics is replaced by self interest. “We ” is replaced by “I” everywhere, the blame game remains a favourite pastime of the masses. The essence of relationships has moved from natural and genuine feelings to artificial and egoistic. Unfortunately the quality of life and living is getting eroded in all aspects.

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    1. I agree with you, Radhika. These are testing times for humanity. Although such transgressions were present in every age, it seems we have taken it too far to jeopardise the equilibrium and humane feelings that we require to maintain the ethos of existence.

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