Such Designs

Intricate designs are woven with threads of trifles Desires descend from an unknown reality Such creations display scant regard for conscious flow Lost composure draw lines of pandemonium Utterances lack credibility as senses disapprove Only an amplification of myriad distortions There aren’t any languages to articulate this fault None seeks to take responsibility to seek remedy Frail intellect wishes to join the ubiquitous chaos© Continue reading Such Designs

Walking Alone

Walking along the fine edges require ultimate patience Reasoning with those uncertain waves of change alters life There can be no reliance on existing perceptions and ideologies Only presence of mind and soul’s eagerness to disseminate language Unique, coming from the precious relationship with self Those times are solitary and reverberate expansively with profoundness There are no interpreters or other psychological barriers Freedom of thoughts … Continue reading Walking Alone

Reflective Moments

Mysterious effulgence rush in through cloudy screens Moments of transition appear grandiose through cosmic lens Perceptions are altered forever when mind’s eyes are willing Docile moments become profound with echoing mantra Purifying the elements while returning a pristine era Humble soul prays for a magnanimous change in fate Reflections of the mind travels further than any traveller© Continue reading Reflective Moments