Convincing Ideas

Mostly, people go along with the convincing idea that they know. More often, that thought comes from a consciousness constructed from long-standing or rigid ideologies which are ordained by continuously monotonous repetitions to memorise the knowledge, which may not be necessarily thoroughly analysed.

Without knowing oneself, the mind remains vulnerable from the aggressive stance that goes into creating a detrimental foundation, which does not allow any mature discussion to implement progressive and thoroughly conscious ideas. When there is no scope for expanding the thought process, the only constricting framework does not allow powerful ideas to establish themselves among the already shaky ecosystem, heavily compromised ignoramus minds.

Whenever someone vociferously claims to ‘know’ or display a passive aggressive behaviour, it is a reflection of the insecurity of the deep chasm that erodes any credibility of a thoughtful communication or debate.

Why it is important to reiterate this fact is because, if we are stuck in a deadlock because of dolts, it is also our fault that we have encouraged their ideas, albeit subconsciously or passively being spectators to the drama that have been enacted in society for too long. Being a silent participant or inert in such circumstances do not absolve us from the flawed participation.

It is observed, too many come across with an aggressive behaviour along with a blatant display of periodic ballyhoo, in an effort to draw attention towards such caricatures. One may not consciously understand the repercussions immediately, but comes around in an unexpected way when incompetence is being celebrated regularly and even revered. Subtly accepting such errant behaviour or glamorising them eventually arrests the development of impressionable minds.

It has become a habit to complain about everything that occurs around us, but not many are willing to accept the responsibility to create an environment for honest dialogues. Introspect and try to contribute meaningfully to life and society. That is only possible with a conscious and knowledgeable outlook towards life.

If you are eager to know, you will ask, if not, you will argue and ignore. ~Amitav