Eternal Wisdom

An unknown sculpture engraved with sagacious thoughts High on a pedestal it sits in ultimate peace, radiates wisdom Origin of the foundation is an enigma for mortal world From pure consciousness birthed the face of tranquillity Posture balances the entire universe with divine authority World is yet to experience the wisdom of eternal cosmos© Continue reading Eternal Wisdom

Trail Off

The lost trail reappears Erosion and neglect, haunts in a daunting manner Surfaces surface stealthily, a gradual derision of beliefs Sounds of quarrelling gravels strewn all along Premature senses and their inability is palpable Moments reappear only to raise their unheard voices Tainted trails brush across the heart to leave strenuous marks Taut sinews cause immense tension, life trails© Continue reading Trail Off


Good Etiquette does not depend on age or status of an individual in society. It comes from a conscious effort to stay away from immature and shallow perspectives. One should cultivate compassionate feelings to display honest emotions rather than mere exhibitionism of vague and arrogant behaviour. Erosion of honesty and integrity is lessening the compassionate qualities and coercing minds towards unnecessary aggression.  If you honestly … Continue reading Etiquette