Good Etiquette does not depend on age or status of an individual in society. It comes from a conscious effort to stay away from immature and shallow perspectives. One should cultivate compassionate feelings to display honest emotions rather than mere exhibitionism of vague and arrogant behaviour. Erosion of honesty and integrity is lessening the compassionate qualities and coercing minds towards unnecessary aggression. 

If you honestly wish to criticise, do so with integrity and only to awaken minds to think beyond the rotten system and encourage them to contribute to life in a constructive manner.



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    1. We need to expand our thoughts on what actually education is. Educating ourselves on life to comprehend human relationships is required. As for our individual responsibility we have failed, we have to think beyond formal education and degrees.


    1. Thank you, Pradita. Exactly, I do not like sly or vicious criticism just for the heck of it or harassing anyone. Only when one is honestly following an ideology can preach it to initiate positive change in society.

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