Ideas for Change

Suddenly waking up one day to improve the world or the situations in society is not a brilliant idea. One has to continuously remain conscious about the perpetual indifferences that have already rooted itself in the psyche. Change is always a gradual process and becomes even more difficult to implement when the inaction has been prevalent due to the understandable willingness to conform. Positive change begins with the self and becomes easier to propagate the ideology when diligently followed every day. Change is a continuous process. 


2 thoughts on “Ideas for Change

  1. Dear friend,

    We have to look deep in ouselves, to discover ourselves and to weed out all the shadows that lie in our mind, to bear responsibility and become living examples. All our houses are on fire and first we have to extinguish the flames of our mind then we can be of use and help for others…

    All good wishes and thanks for sharing 🙂

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