About Poetry 

Poetry does not desire any adulation or unnecessary attention with excessive extroverted efforts. The verses are composed with mature and true eloquence; each line wrapped in innumerable layers of sentiments.

A poet evolves and experiences life from uncommon perspectives, risking stern looks and constant scrutiny from a world that is comfortable viewing life through clichés.

Poetry acquires it’s resilience along with grace from poetic endeavour to amplify the flaws that have crept into jeopardise the rhythm of life.

Verses are not just emotional outbursts or random screams with the intention to leave an undesirable mark on the psyche.

Poetry is well thought of, and also a time travel through words which carry feelings and ideologies that can potentially help minds evolve.

To write and comprehend poetry is the ability to feel and experience life with the soul.



17 thoughts on “About Poetry 

  1. I just left a poetry web site that only appreciated the (cliché). The same writing for years by the same poet’s. I was stifled by the lack of newness and vibrancy of life’s ever changing categories of living. Your poem is exceptional truth. Thank you.

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