On Literature

Literature does not thrive in a crowd. Understandable, literature is not the commonly chosen topic of discussion. Only with time and mature leaning towards writing(s) and their myriad sentiments become accessible to the one who has set out to journey the world of words. Writing is not merely a frivolous foreplay of pen and paper, but a serious pursuit in seeking and communicating the profound … Continue reading On Literature

Wilting Ears

Wilting ears do not wish to listen to the lengthy diatribe Persistent echoes of repugnant language harasses the feelings Continuously knocking on life as aggressive intruders It’s a daily confrontation to hold a dialogue with heartless sentiments Instincts and intuitions have gone berserk with illogical ambitions Senses are burdened with frequent turbulence of convoluted thoughts © Amitav Continue reading Wilting Ears

Through the Eyes 

Tired eyes, inconvenient heart races against will  Desires rushing past the soul aspire to inhale freedom  Moment’s pause briefly, but there isn’t much time Eyes communicate an uneasy presence among crowded thoughts Wishing upon the universe to listen to an ardent plea Dreams awake and peep through drowsy eyes Across the horizon lights up a path never seen before  ©Amitav  Continue reading Through the Eyes