Verses; feelings do not hesitate and shy away from the blank space Without the aesthetical worries, they wish to follow their instincts Freedom beckons them through the echoes of nothingness Words transform them while giving them a new life Poetic fervour grips the soul and thus flows pure ecstasy  Through the verses, feelings rejuvenate to communicate life -Amitav  Continue reading Verses 

Dimmed Lights 

Dimmed lights and blurry vision Mind rushes over those words to skip the sentiments Ruffled words harassed incessantly with superficiality  There are no plausible explanations for this haste  Philosophical discourses retire early in this commotion  Rarely, communications hold any seriousness Searching for that elusive moment when light can be welcomed  A simple crack in the fortified walls can allow new perspectives -Amitav  Continue reading Dimmed Lights 

With Thoughts

When thoughts dart through the fresh azure sky Not in haste, but carrying enthusiasm to convey messages As the Sun looks on merrily with a satisfying glow Mindfulness aspires to summon the cosmos within its fold Beliefs of nature are corroborated in a pure ecosystem There are no limitations and dearth of Time Wandering with a satisfied fervour to usher epoch change Only the conspiracies … Continue reading With Thoughts

The Predicament

Daft reasoning gyrating across the hallucinating world Obscene gestures made by immature intellect Thoughts cradled carelessly with a petulant motion Maturity is erroneously conferred to the ignoble ones Prejudiced minds are already warring within  Reflections of poisonous intensity inflict irreversible damage Asinine consciousness huddles to seek some fame Existence tilts precariously towards mediocrity ©Amitav Continue reading The Predicament