Dimmed Lights 

Dimmed lights and blurry vision

Mind rushes over those words to skip the sentiments

Ruffled words harassed incessantly with superficiality 

There are no plausible explanations for this haste 

Philosophical discourses retire early in this commotion 

Rarely, communications hold any seriousness

Searching for that elusive moment when light can be welcomed

 A simple crack in the fortified walls can allow new perspectives



9 thoughts on “Dimmed Lights 

      1. My world has become busier as I care for my father who is struggling with his health, otherwise, spring is in the air and therefore, hope! Thank you for checking in, I appreciate this so much!


      2. This warms my heart, thank you for your very kind words – I am traversing a landscape that is now foreign to my father and I, we are slowly making our way with lots of love and support.


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