Of Consciousness

Aspirations for being a part of every scripted nonsense will not ensure a meaningful life. Every day, the vociferous dialogues discuss complicated problems by knowingly and unknowingly believing is the counterfeit utterances. Troubles persist and even aggravates when consciousness willingly becomes a slave of plentiful baloney. 

Be conscious of yourself and realise the journey that you wish to experience, instead of comparing your life with others around you. Learn from mistakes, rather than repeating or adopting them due to weaknesses. 


7 thoughts on “Of Consciousness

    1. Liza, how have you been? My observation of society’s unrest, I feel has its origin from our irresponsibility and also being not open to positive change. I see people cling to negativity an in fact, demoralise those who are around.

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      1. I’ve been okay, busy at the moment with a lot going on in my life. Catching up with reading blogs today as you’ve probably realised. As I said I had this some conversation earlier today when someone sent me a negative news link. Through fear I think, people follow like sheep, not being open or able to think for themselves. Everyone is looking for something to blame but not taking personal responsibility, eyes look out but not back!

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