Feel Beyond 

Feel beyond obsolete feelings, there is an entire universe to experience Seems, inane thoughts have nested for too long in the mind  Verses are not rich enough if they cannot transcend this reality Awakening of a slumberous mind can see through the persistent disguise  Passion is not passionate enough, impoverished with consistent lies Consistent erratic sentiments undermine the soul of expressions  -Amitav  Continue reading Feel Beyond 

True Intentions

Consciousness is at its lowest as we perceive each other to be antagonists and not fellow travellers. Lack of conscious knowledge has always unsettled the mind and influenced it to conceive negative thoughts and habits. True knowledge is beyond ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ skills; it shows the individual to comprehend life and spark that flame of hope and gratitude to enlighten minds. Be conscious and knowledgeable. … Continue reading True Intentions

Aquamarine Facets 

The aquamarine facets reflect a flow frozen in time Intriguing design of nature chiselled with mortal imaginations Shift in light’s perspective show plethora of rhythmic lines Writing an invisible saga of yore across existence Keen eyes of solitude mesmerisingly speaks in divine language Mind feels the ultimate embrace of love in rich contemplation Crown of embellished thoughts fit perfectly -Amitav Continue reading Aquamarine Facets