The Blooming Faces 

Flowers bloom after gathering fragrances from mystical world Without any expectation of praise or unnecessary fuss from chance admirers Aware of the busyness they still flower with amazing grace  None can emulate their symmetry and dignified beauty  It’s  a much awaited saga that unfold to celebrate fresh colourful celebration  -Amitav  Continue reading The Blooming Faces 


The inimical atmosphere consistently plans a psychological strife. Increasingly, we find, in the guise of giving opinion (s) about any social aspect is either skewed and or erroneously analysed. Mostly, voicing opinions without critical thinking or logical interpretation can jeopardise the already tumultuous situation. Unfortunately, very few realise the importance of wisdom or patiently discussing such issues to arrive at any solution. A pleasant society … Continue reading Solutions 

Reluctant Thoughts 

When thoughts become reluctant in an unfriendly mind Constant sparring emerges to be the preferred communication  Desire to experience the ultimate grandeur of life become elusive  Wealth diminishes in value, every transaction a labyrinth of flaws Untimely erosion of philosophical facets of life weakens vision  A purposeless journey manipulates to give birth to alternative ideas -Amitav Continue reading Reluctant Thoughts