Loose Ends

Holding on to the loose ends; carefully separated by the fingers Careful to not let them surrender in a constricting knot Mysteries from mysteries, each strand holds fine consciousness Requires skill to harmonise them with profound brain waves Emanating from the omnipresent womb of cosmic stirrings Holding them, to guide through eternal labyrinths to unravel truth They look identical, yet, differ in character with unique … Continue reading Loose Ends

New Images

Hands and feet carelessly tap with the heart’s rhythm Maybe the feelings generate enough attention among the nerves Brilliant sparks introduce life to a parallel and perceptive truth Wrinkles of sarcasm ease after healing with new awakening Tremors and jolts are cushioned by soft padding of consciousness Sharp turns direct the journey through new avenues Melancholic languages wither away as blooms new hope Soul engages … Continue reading New Images

The Distance

Distance between the eyes do not matter They focus with childlike wonder as beauty unfolds Lively vision reflects the ecstasy of nature  Crystal clear dreams dance around with passion Chalice fills up with those intense feelings within Palpable quietness embraces the excited soul A slumbering heart is aware of a new chase Following the trails of light across cosmic horizon From repose, an awakening initiated … Continue reading The Distance


Plunging skylines of the city wishes for a peaceful rendezvous Ambitious feelings wish to penetrate the tranquility of sky Unnecessarily stirring the placid scenery of Universe’s design Frolicking winds face interruptions and stern admonitions Wings of messengers contemplate a different route to journey Meanderings bring exhaustion to the energetic souls Flickering lights filter the monotones to create lethargic moments Greetings of the dark lack passion … Continue reading Skylines

Echoing Breath

Echoing breath in the deep chasm trapped under burden Suddenly the spine shifted to create some space for freedom Pitch-black uncertainty escape from the fractures in rage Solid land transforms into fluid spectacle of sentiments Anonymous phantom return from exile of many ages There is defiant undercurrent in this unnatural brilliance  Once considered hospitable because of many false dreams Spell of malevolent forces are slowly … Continue reading Echoing Breath


Let those unsettling thoughts burn peacefully Ashes will seem to be gloomy in fading light Waiting for cover of night to satiate the embers Dying fire of rage will finally surrender tonight Vision will cut through ephemeral existence Walking away from the plunders of vanity No forceful mastery over ways of chosen life Tawny canvas absorbs the disconsolate tears Wiped illustrations of melancholy fade slowly … Continue reading Ashes