Life and Philosophy 

People usually are quite reticent where good advice is concerned. There’s a psychological limitation created due to various social philosophies that have been erroneously considered to be the truth.  There seems to be a mental inertia when positive philosophies are discussed. A pattern of clichés form answers to such advice; usually, a lack of real intention to think about life after relinquishing the traditional views.  … Continue reading Life and Philosophy 


Holding macabre thoughts persistently or looking at life through distortions of vain conciousness cannot yield a positive life. Yet, many are attracted to such ideologies and create an environment where others feel claustrophobic.  To receive true love and positive thoughts one must first prepare an ambience to gracefully experience those feelings.  Rather than being complicit in continuous tirade, one should contribute meaningfully to life.  ~Amitav  Continue reading Thought