On Reading

Predominantly, reading as become an amusement; the purpose and quality of a literary work are rarely discussed seriously. The emergence of many writing platforms have given the opportunity to many writers, or those who wish to be one, but quality work suffers because reading is becoming a casual affair. It is seen that interpretations of quality literary work, including the classics, do not spark intellectual debates. Not often literature is getting the attention it deserves, both from writers and readers, thus, compromising the relationship between them. Look to comprehend and interpret with original thoughts rather than narrate the cliched and memorised perceptions of others.



2 thoughts on “On Reading

  1. Very true Amitav. I feel that not only in literature but all other forms of art, values, ethics, ideas, habits, education, every facet of life has seen a dilution in quality. It’s only numbers that speak. Quality has unfortunately taken a backseat, with only the true connoisseurs appreciating it.

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    1. I do agree with what you have mentioned. What’s more disappointing is that decision making adults of society have made a sordid effort. There seems to be a very casual approach in every sphere of life; it is evident from our everyday experiences of life.

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