Ever Present

Ever present, effervescent Thoughts; origin unknown Spin of eternity lifelong Incredible distance Comes closer to without ties Uncoils a saga of existence Conscious present The only reality to face Profound narrations  Silence plays a role In realisation Omnipresent spirit Looks beyond the self Without expectations And feeble intentions Everything of now Creates new reality Ebullient Spirit Shines forever ~Amitav   Continue reading Ever Present


Complexity of days disconnect themselves at twilight point Darkness seems relevant and simpler when it settles down Thoughts feel elated when allowed to go deeper in search Azure feelings transform completely with hues of intense crimson Chattering of birds blend easily with mysterious rustle of trees Freshness of breeze from distant lands bring invitations To celebrate the embellished darkness with lustrous scenes Episodes of relentless … Continue reading Pondering

Those Feelings

Those feelings languishing during the day Memories do not get a chance beyond closed door Voices extolling the unpredictable course of life Birds’ flight and sudden flutter welcomes evening Respite from continuously distressing thoughts Twilight quells the increasing thirst for peace Murmur of leaves narrate a lullaby to the ears Solemn darkness paint a mysterious scene Across the firmament echoes a prayer ~Amitav Continue reading Those Feelings