Empty Voices

Echoes the empty voices  With conviction and pride Offering golden moments Gilded with arrogance Warring minds demarcate Boundaries of existence Weak warriors battle Inner conflicts amplified A profound stage desecrated Burlesque drama unfolds Mere exhibitionism Memorised dialogues  Solemn heart forced Plunges into uncertainty Flows the sentiments Conceited river course Maliciously erodes life Befriends illegitimate ideas Estate of controversy Have willful defaulters  ~Amitav  Continue reading Empty Voices


Mind climbs over the challenges of hectic errands Mischievously sets eyes on the horizon for a signal As day ripens slowly with so many sentiments A glistening vision escapes through eternity tunnel Afterthoughts carefully kept at the forgotten corners From far away arises hope that brings news of life Swiftly the mind shifts places to experience freedom Desires flame the journey mysteriously across horizon ~Amitav Continue reading Vigilant