Feelings and Hope

Feelings die amidst profanities Those buds yearn to blossom Dreams cocooned in desires Winds of change being playful Bending stems strain the roots Stripping the heart of fantasies Hope seems a lingering illusion Buds will fade tomorrow Summer will erase their name Neither petals nor aroma Deflated days sing soulfully Sea of sentiments is shallow Horizon ignore the drift Fading light brings new hope ~Amitav Continue reading Feelings and Hope

Hopeful Solitude

Stuttering solitude stares through the brushed panes Night’s child eagerly wishes to feel the innocence of light Azure facade burnished with divine essence of consciousness Pure heart attempts to look beyond the doors of worldly dreams Lingering cadence permeates through softness of firmament Cold feet and hands want to embrace the first rays  Soul reflects the coolness of nacre through resplendent aura Wakes up life … Continue reading Hopeful Solitude