Feelings and Hope

Feelings die amidst profanities Those buds yearn to blossom Dreams cocooned in desires Winds of change being playful Bending stems strain the roots Stripping the heart of fantasies Hope seems a lingering illusion Buds will fade tomorrow Summer will erase their name Neither petals nor aroma Deflated days sing soulfully Sea of sentiments is shallow Horizon ignore the drift Fading light brings new hope ~Amitav Continue reading Feelings and Hope

Hopeful Solitude

Stuttering solitude stares through the brushed panes Night’s child eagerly wishes to feel the innocence of light Azure facade burnished with divine essence of consciousness Pure heart attempts to look beyond the doors of worldly dreams Lingering cadence permeates through softness of firmament Cold feet and hands want to embrace the first rays  Soul reflects the coolness of nacre through resplendent aura Wakes up life … Continue reading Hopeful Solitude

Some Expectations

Do not look for simplicity with a complex edge With shining example of wily disguise Glint of cunningness shrewdly dissecting minds Waiting to pounce on those insecure moments Frail links wish to survive continuous prying When thoughts spy on the heart over time Learning about the preferred sentiments  Close to the soul, they bring solemn intervals Surrender to simplicity with pure intentions Conscience won’t feel distressed … Continue reading Some Expectations


Yearnings are without boundaries Often labelled for their libertine ways Many lines have been unsuccessful To narrate their true psychology Slipping through scant escapism Living and surviving stealthily Not deficient but undefined Their unpredictability unevaluated Trident thoughts confuse Heart, Soul, and Mind Fiery response dries speech Written cannot be justified Transient lasciviousness Take yearnings for a spin ~Amitav  Continue reading Yearnings


People want new things every day. Although there are eternal possibilities in the universe, our mind may not be conscious enough to accept every little aspect of those new changes that occur; they may be subtle or striking. Our inability to grasp that reality unsettles common consciousness and creates an environment of uncertainty. What we really look forward to is a reality that we can … Continue reading New

Empty Voices

Echoes the empty voices  With conviction and pride Offering golden moments Gilded with arrogance Warring minds demarcate Boundaries of existence Weak warriors battle Inner conflicts amplified A profound stage desecrated Burlesque drama unfolds Mere exhibitionism Memorised dialogues  Solemn heart forced Plunges into uncertainty Flows the sentiments Conceited river course Maliciously erodes life Befriends illegitimate ideas Estate of controversy Have willful defaulters  ~Amitav  Continue reading Empty Voices


Mind climbs over the challenges of hectic errands Mischievously sets eyes on the horizon for a signal As day ripens slowly with so many sentiments A glistening vision escapes through eternity tunnel Afterthoughts carefully kept at the forgotten corners From far away arises hope that brings news of life Swiftly the mind shifts places to experience freedom Desires flame the journey mysteriously across horizon ~Amitav Continue reading Vigilant