So Lethal

Mutilating the mind with thoughts so lethal Vocalised torment, toying mercilessly with the senses Misleading them with obscure perfumes of a dark world Waving a black cloak to uproot the foundation of freedom Turning into a rapacious visionary with tyrannical intent Paradoxical night stirs the core of vicious maelstrom Urging the soul to drink the lascivious poison Events flare up and advance with fiery damnation … Continue reading So Lethal

Seeking through Futility

The soul being independent and thinker of eternal proportions Contradicts the body; fingers turning the pages of calendars Numbers wean away life from the beauty of living without calculations Frantically trying to tally the contributions across ruled paper Compute the extensive number of files with memoirs Activating a virtual drama through network of pervasive simulation Reality bastardised repeatedly to confiscate the truthful dreams Looking in … Continue reading Seeking through Futility

Secret of an Image

While standing in front of a mirror Looking at the image reflecting a part of me Which one is real? One who faces me or the physical self that I can feel Duality and dilemma, a distance unfathomed Is it curious just like me? Maybe communicating wavelengths have some answer In meditative silence the reflective facade intrigues Contradictions are duplicated Captures stillness and imitates the … Continue reading Secret of an Image


Choosing a solitary world is courageous Nothing can sway a soul when true calling of life promise enchantment The menacing voices try to deter with disconcerting stories Challenges of nature do not seem too daunting compared to human manipulations Jealousy and evil intent can translate to hateful narratives Menacing glint threatens to slash the confidence of an unassuming soul A valiant heart can defend itself … Continue reading Resolute

Waiting for a Response

Who shall give a befitting reply to the liabilities? Questions accumulate; kept aside in a heap of added burdens Every day a new resolution to address the pestering concerns Amplifications of those pursuits so alluringly keep the soul busy Life cannot be enclosed within the quotation marks Embellished speeches rarely justify the depth of life Grandiloquent gestures along with eloquent cunningness Deviate life’s real narrative … Continue reading Waiting for a Response


An attempt to reconcile goes awry after humanisation of perceptions Components of ideas unable to fit in the naturally carved spaces Numerous instances where they protrude disgracefully Raising their head unnecessarily; an estranged relationship amplified Manufactured and controlled with altered state of particles Struck by time snags, numerous false implementation of mutant thoughts Power of abnormality presides over the minions forced to adhere Hand in … Continue reading Reconciliation

Foundations and Challenges

Everywhere, the ancient is sinking deeper Ground beneath collapses under foundational flaws Structural fastenings restrain the classical designs Predictions from Janus face swivels the doors Fate resembles agitated waves of Seas Uncomfortable stillness unsettles the soul Hibernating thoughts wish to ascend limitations Unceasing cortège of followers lay contradictions Overcoming challenges are an uphill task ~Amitav Continue reading Foundations and Challenges

An Unnatural Reality

Of all those things that are frozen in expeditious thoughts They come floating with designs which necessitate illustrations Secondary reality draws up a plan to usurp the existential dilemma Existence is overwritten many times with emphasis on development More of hyperactive playground where movements are chaotic Comes floating from unknown corners to endure any reasoning Thoughts, like millions of snowflakes disseminating light Have to endure … Continue reading An Unnatural Reality

When Thoughts Arise

Winds rush in, but my thoughts are not prepared to fly “There is no urgency”, my soul reasons with restless messengers Baffling conversations arise; meandering through different ambience Waves of thoughts and their effervescence cannot be contained Exuberance of the soul clearly reflected in the eyes Trees and birds wait in anticipation; waiting to breach the palisades This reality waiting to be superseded by valiant … Continue reading When Thoughts Arise