Silence’s Worth

Silence does not get enough chance to prove it worth

Inward leap seems improbable due to nothingness

Without the burdens of chatter and permission from life

Perceived to be a strange territory by the busy eyes

Distracted senses feels the strangeness of internalising

Carrying the seeds of consciousness for another existence

Articulating borrowed perspectives have become common

In that quest losing a true and pure language of silence 

Much annoyance flows in cascade of puerile conversations

Flickering lights of uncertainty holds attention for long

Beings of silence flustered with cunning languages 



11 thoughts on “Silence’s Worth

  1. WOW. Amitav, this is incredible. Something it had me thinking about is the fear people have of silence. I think the reason we surround ourselves with a continual buzz- the white noise of life- is because silence truly does have a profound nature. It is a “strange territory” for most. Going into this place of utter silence brings with it gravity and conviction. Like always, I love how you bring words and tangibility to things that are terribly difficult to explain. Thank you for sharing this, friend! Hope you are well.

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    1. Hello, Marie, it’s been a long time. How have you been? Good to hear from you and glad to read your wonderful comment. Yes, you are right, silence has such answers that we are not ready to hear I guess. In silence, we come closer to the soul and realise the purpose of life.


      1. I have been very well! I just started my nursing career and love it dearly. It has shortened my free time though to blog, but that’s seasons of life I guess! Thank you for your reply!! How about you?

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