Crying foul over those creations adhering to ostentatious mistakes Baffling designs emerge from depths shoveled with bare rugged thoughts Flayed with enough dystopian ideas over unhealed lacerations Slowly the grim river overflows with an unholy ambition carried in earnest Distant shores become a platform of unfolding melodrama of fake sentiments Dimensions of raging uncertainties taint the furrows of original thoughts Green waters reeking of distasteful … Continue reading Abhorrent


Luminescence of the mind decipher once unknown details  Breaking the codes and their barriers to form chain of thoughts Each one of them communicating to maintain a rhythm Immense leap of mind in unknown dimensions of existence Enlightening the dormant seeds for them to germinate abundantly “Marvelous”, utters the heart after witnessing an extravaganza Light is truth travelling uninhibited through cosmic worlds Strengthening the integrity of … Continue reading Light