Rarely, senses pick up the antsy feelings of a room Grimacing walls hide behind fine layers of paint A thoughtful or a whimsical choice of parallel existence Significance of colours fades away with internal conflicts Walls may have had dreams entangled in cross-communication Breathing life into a new culture of contrived existence Edges close in to a claustrophobic space with tyrant sentiments Clinking glasses hide … Continue reading Rarely

A Narrative

Eye’s narrative blazes through the air in earnest Chafe sentiments create an unnecessary detour Speeches of silent one bear the authority of truth Consciousness awakened at the tabernacle Kindness wishes to enter the hallowed chambers Through the labyrinth of imposing arches Spirited soul involves the senses in a pilgrimage Breathing in cosmic rhythm and chanting quietly An awakening of the eyes starts a unique narrative … Continue reading A Narrative