Fresh Earth

Fresh Earth shrugs off the sorrowful tone of unfulfilled dreams Constant buzz near the ears created by rapid wing movement of voices From where they fly remains a mystery; restless like hummingbirds Rainbow streaks became monochrome in disguise of dark Light filters through the foliage carrying waves of realisations Steep night descends unceremoniously in deep caverns Covers of the night become irrelevant while confronting daylight … Continue reading Fresh Earth

Invisible Chasm

Muffled cries resonate through the hollow feelings Difficult to separate being from such predicament The inability to translate them due to lack of a language Create a tormenting vortex in the subliminal world Rushes mind towards the clutches of uncertainty Sky changes colour when impulsive feelings gather Unbearable humidity grips the landscape Drenches the curled body with those drifting emotions Depleted heart carries the burden … Continue reading Invisible Chasm