If darkness was without a metaphor

Only being, in the midst of eternal spaces

As if a window to another world

Unfolding a story imperceptible in daylight

Palpable anxiousness fades away

There will be no crossings or parallels

Only a raconteur with a pure soul

Narrating an endless journey

The absence of another me is realisation

Saying goodbye in cosmic dimness



12 thoughts on “If

  1. There is a monstrous beauty in the darkness of eternal space, the fascination of a love that makes the limited transitory ego disappear in the infinity of absolute oneness. All our attempts to describe the pure mystery of being are doomed to failure. But it is a beautiful play.

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    1. Thank you so much. Only in the ‘If’, we have doubts and aspirations and also look for clarity in such a casually uttered word. Also, there are those unrealised dreams that we feel will see light on the other side of ‘If’.


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