Agonizing Silence

Silence can be agonizingly stubborn

Knocking at its door with wounded knuckles

Even continuous pleading can be a prolonged wait

Custodian of the door is revered and invisible

Scrutinize the list of names on the papyrus

Look for the name trailing like a lost traveller

After a journey through oblivion

Here at the door of silence to offer plucked flowers

To get a glimpse of the kingdom through a keyhole

Prized lock guarding with an iron resolve

Forgetting an identity can result in circuitous journey

Or, we have stretched too far and lost track

Cancelling the struggles won’t be an easy walk

Ransacking the paradise has serious repercussions

Persistent detours have manipulated with individuality

Sore knuckles and bruised feet, with empty eyes

Staring at the imposing door to embrace silence


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