Mystical Dark

Naked water is draped in shimmering eventide Reverie will recede in the background of magical land Frills and fascinating ripples embellish the patterns Soul is stripped off the unnecessary disguise Retina wakes up with ultra sensitive display of iridescence Birth of ultimate rejoice on the heart pushes the boundaries Eager soul wishes to take a plunge deeper in peace Rising from the water after an … Continue reading Mystical Dark


Not following the footprints allow a soul to wander with anonymity Sunrays and friendly breeze weave an uncanny camaraderie Entering a new layer of consciousness mirroring an ever altering reality Written diktats do not hold any relevance after crossing the boundary Easy to blend the mind and maneuver through labyrinthine perceptions Glances pick up the clues to prepare a speech that is not contrary Wise … Continue reading Perceptions