There are times when we do not seek time’s assent

Trying to negate an illusion that is essential to keep track

Open palm, few lines that criss-cross as perception of fate

There are no engravings on eternity’s soul,

Yet we etch deep patterns of sorrow on our heart along the way

Failing to hold on to innocence, only glimpses of it in retrospect

Churning in the stomach create a vortex of weak emotions

Yearning for the Ocean of nothingness to rapidly wash the shores

Welcome departure from the chronology of existence

Dreams embraced in bulbous moments release into timelessness

Euphoric soul experiences freedom of knowing the truth



2 thoughts on “Times

    1. Thank you so much, Sharon.

      Indeed, life as we perceive it depends on the reality that our mind is conditioned to believe. Prolonged distractions from the truth (which can be experienced, but debatable, because it cannot be proven in worldly or physical terms). We have attributed definitions and limitations along the way. Mostly, we disrupt with our thoughts, rather than create according to our soul’s desires. We are as free as we believe ourselves to be.

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