Darkness recedes when waves of innocence return after a hiatus

Poignant moment submerges little hesitantly at the confluence of light

Wintry season in the heart transform after reassuring embrace

Awakens love for life in the soul after hearing a profound echo

It’s time to realise the divine relationship with eternal soul

Clarity descends in the eyes while seeking deeper in true being

Sky portrays a brilliant display of exhilarating emotions 

Beginning of stellar dawn electrifies the particles of existence



2 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. Such a powerful lines. I enjoyed each verse, but the last one makes me realize how a particle of dust as it got blow electrify where we are right now. Nice flowing. I made my own not its good as yours 🙂

    Everything began with a blow.
    As the developer move, it ways.
    Every minute counted during the rain.
    Making us realize we’re made of
    science, electric particles, and atoms
    at the end of the day.
    Then, with the power of dust,
    an energy became to be and create us.

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