A View

Do we see unemotional impudence on those imposing facades?

Shadows slant with ridicule; running across the busy streets

So many legs try to trample or erase the shadows of materialistic burden

Yet, they wish to hasten towards them when the world turns hostile

Instituting their presence over every mind with prolonged manipulations

A vast Universe seems to diminish when naysayers invoke the antagonist

Soul is eternal, and the heart magnanimous enough to embrace a life

Why narrate the verse estranging a beautiful relationship?

Scream with intensity to allow the voice to echo across eternal dome

Realising the true worth of existence illuminating every seeker

Definitions will be erased as pure emotions will rush to form an ocean

Life’s majestic ways will be liberated from the womb of creation


2 thoughts on “A View

  1. Very existential / mystical. What inspires these thoughts? I loved this line: “Why narrate the verse estranging a beautiful relationship?”

    Liked by 1 person

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