Dilapidated wooden frame Musty smell from the pores Bygone eras nestled deep somewhere Absorbing neglect and darkness Blurry and crooked vision Brokenness branches out Decaying time etches cranky rifts Memories of those hands Discussions and sighs Maybe few fallen tears Window to another world Vagabond nature wins As eerie feelings permeate New senses are intrigued A perspective will be forgotten Before time erases The overlapping … Continue reading Frame

Familiar Voices

Voices of majority, where reasons drown in high frequency Uneven ride of words rattle the sentiments from their core Jostling for attention, every voice in unison speak in similar tone With the illusion of identity; where there are none Soul never has a chance to select the desired inflection Time rushes in and deluges existence Flowing hastily towards a chaotic confluence of stern statements Idealistic … Continue reading Familiar Voices