Only I can keep my life in the sincerest form

Soul cradles the reasons

Flowing with ease towards the epitome of existence

Dynamic elements are in synergy

Life is a privilege with divine affection

There is no ‘you’ or ‘me’

Even the ‘I’ blends without Ego

Spirit arises to experience higher realms

Without the judgements

Sincerity of the eyes speaks Grace

Nourished soul realises existence


2 thoughts on “Sincerity

  1. The way I interpret the soul in relation to sincerity, is if you are not aware of your soul then you cannot be sincere, and so often people just ‘talk’ without really making that connection, you really exemplify this well. Well done my talented friend.

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    1. Yes, that’s true. We hear about the soul so often and even spirituality is being propagated, but the true essence and realisation can only happen from within. It’s an experience that only one’s sincerity to every thought and action can bring.
      Thank you so much, always, for appreciating my work.


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