An attempt to reconcile goes awry after humanisation of perceptions Components of ideas unable to fit in the naturally carved spaces Numerous instances where they protrude disgracefully Raising their head unnecessarily; an estranged relationship amplified Manufactured and controlled with altered state of particles Struck by time snags, numerous false implementation of mutant thoughts Power of abnormality presides over the minions forced to adhere Hand in … Continue reading Reconciliation

Foundations and Challenges

Everywhere, the ancient is sinking deeper Ground beneath collapses under foundational flaws Structural fastenings restrain the classical designs Predictions from Janus face swivels the doors Fate resembles agitated waves of Seas Uncomfortable stillness unsettles the soul Hibernating thoughts wish to ascend limitations Unceasing cortège of followers lay contradictions Overcoming challenges are an uphill task ~Amitav Continue reading Foundations and Challenges