Waiting for a Response

Who shall give a befitting reply to the liabilities?

Questions accumulate; kept aside in a heap of added burdens

Every day a new resolution to address the pestering concerns

Amplifications of those pursuits so alluringly keep the soul busy

Life cannot be enclosed within the quotation marks

Embellished speeches rarely justify the depth of life

Grandiloquent gestures along with eloquent cunningness

Deviate life’s real narrative towards the forlorn corners of a heart

Dealing with more of the unknown and internalising a given identity

Such contradictions can only multiply the obligations

Deficit of true sentiments can paint a contrary image of existence

The unknown will travel further without inhibitions

A profound response is unlikely when dissents take centre stage



7 thoughts on “Waiting for a Response

      1. Candice, you are very kind. Thank you for your support. Our poets world is full of challenges, some expected and others unexpected; it is so reassuring to hear words of support from a fellow poet and a brilliant writer. I feel grateful. My best wishes, always.

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