Secret of an Image

While standing in front of a mirror

Looking at the image reflecting a part of me

Which one is real?

One who faces me or the physical self that I can feel

Duality and dilemma, a distance unfathomed

Is it curious just like me?

Maybe communicating wavelengths have some answer

In meditative silence the reflective facade intrigues

Contradictions are duplicated

Captures stillness and imitates the tone of any dialogue

Madness or inquisitiveness to delve into the unknown

Ecstatic neurons may translate the unrefracted, subtly

Where does the image take refuge?

If it strolls beyond the unseen forever, with eternal reflection

Or, reverses the steps to retire among the place of origin

In a moment two worlds are created

Mutually dependent, searching for the meaning of reality

What if, reality rests in the particles?

It will take more than curiosity to reveal the truth

Mirroring the mind with accuracy is secret of eternity


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