Chance Narrative

In a casual slant, the russet covers hold unread folios Not even the sharp curious eyes can probe uninvited Dagger thoughts become blunt after feud with truth Only the hands that care and a heart yearns true Have access to that chosen space for mysterious words  Elfish fingers chastened by the melancholic stare Careless cannot untie the covers for whispers can be grave Embrace with a passion … Continue reading Chance Narrative


The inflated vessel loses sight of the shore Frolicking with the waves; Petulant dance guided by the malefic stars Night descends on the serpentine cadence Defiant sky reverberates with diabolic chants Revealing the secrets of treacherous destination A raging horizon spews thunderbolt warnings Burdened with worldly jewels by gouging insatiably This undulating journey of delirium Through liquid labyrinth, guided by blurring planets There’s no strength to anchor itself … Continue reading Misfortune

To Emerge

Mirror transforms at the touch of unfathomable darkness Acquires this aura of mysteriousness and charming demeanour Phrases carry a subtle nervousness while communicating Shadows are overlooked while mesmerised by a reflective barrier Sentiments rise above the constructed constraints of time Reminiscing those moments whose murmurs are now audible Yearning of a heart reflected in a transformed surreal world Lit up firmament prepares the stage for … Continue reading To Emerge

A Transformation

Playful winds start a conversation with the incandescent horizon  What conspires, is the onlooker’s dilemma Now is the time for a sprightly day to say adieu to restlessness A momentary pallor is filled with ruddy enthusiasm Warm breeze comes closer to narrate the secret conversation In solitude, watching the retreat of this time through a passage Dreams ignited before night can settle down in soft … Continue reading A Transformation


Lot of precious dreams lost among the worried greens Unfamiliar tone of caprice penetrate through in agile rhythm Emotions undulate nervously at the face of change Futile attempt to pray for wings before an imminent drift Azure have been lit up with cosmic flames with intensity Vain wishes and the perpetual fantasy start dwindling Journeying without the knowledge of a sincere trajectory Invitation from the nadir world … Continue reading Unmindful

Feeble Realisations

Inimical waves breach the decrepit defences of a citadel Mangled designs were revived from discarded parchments Bruised egos gathered to conspire a faulty realism Charlatans were honoured for their extraordinary contribution Paving the devious labyrinths that resemble poisonous vipers A painter holding a palette with the darkest shade of gloom Obliged to serve the Muse with absorbing sinister dreams  Blue from extremely cold sentiments, silhouettes mourn … Continue reading Feeble Realisations


Love lights up the cosmic chandeliers Eyes search for hidden emotions; unfolding the soft crepe An obscure silence overhears unheard passion Faintness illumined by quintessence celebrations Desires burn every obstacle, before plunging into nothingness Petulant world vanishes with the magician’s wish Love eclipses the momentary frivolous narratives Eternal chandeliers lights up a magnificent world ~Amitav Continue reading Magnificence

Some Echoes

Echoes arrange themselves like an accordion Every breath travel through the arrayed pattern Either a stairway towards an Absolute listener Or, a slippery way to plummet further Sentiment of echoes influenced by the mind- A freedom movement or cathartic scream Sweet disturbances sound celestial harmony Not the usual turmoil and cacophony Depends on the mood of communication Subtle emotions settle down in smaller particles Coarse … Continue reading Some Echoes