From a Vantage Point

A home away from home descends faintly in the imaginations From a vantage point, the eyes scan extensively for that distant reality Leisurely mind reclines on the soft mattress for long contemplation To sort out the contrasting images and find the relevant pieces of a puzzle Breathe life into a withdrawn reality and further the scope of existence Reach for the skies to pull down the … Continue reading From a Vantage Point

Finding Comfort

Wherever the soul has been True nature always beckons a traveller In between the lost labyrinths A child wishes to return With silence, claim the answers Carelessly left behind Verdant landscapes Mistakenly folded and kept aside Exposing the unruly paths Erroneously termed autonomy A winding journey Knotted with delirious thoughts Braided, it sits clumsily On a frenetic mind A coronation too burdensome Time brings realisation … Continue reading Finding Comfort