Chance Wandering

Skin wakes up; 

Brushing against the unrestrained shrubs

Murky layered path 

Crusty surface becomes finer under pressure

Of those feet, in a hurry towards an undefined journey

Tingling sensation persists

Careless fences do not discriminate

Their fate of being rooted along a casual design

Maybe an escape through labyrinthine ways

Coiled thoughts unfold to reach the boundaries

Senses respond to the sudden signs

Wandering carelessly may promise a destination

Dusty road brushed by the probing gaze

Smell of earth rejuvenates a soul

Nettled emotions try to solve the puzzle

Laggard heart finds the true rhythm

Spirit negotiates the ecstatic waves

Unusual awakening 

Chance meeting with reality


4 thoughts on “Chance Wandering

  1. Written so well. It went by so fast, you have left me wanting to read more of you work, job well done. Thank you so much for the follow, we’ve got some short stories at our blog Gastradamus and we could really use your feedback. If you comment and share your witty words, than I will promote your blog and send my followers your way. Hope to see you there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Appreciate your kind words. Will surely visit your blog, I just had time to browse through a little. You have an interesting blog. Thank you for the follow and happy blogging.


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