Anything that is uttered echoes through the Universe Valiant wavelengths capture the true essence of a thought Weak ones are frivolous vagabonds  Echoes of a pure soul resonate with karmic mantras Transforms the parched lands with verdant emotions Recalcitrant hearts fabricate with antithetical  languages Echoes can be mirthful or annihilate  Reverberations decide the fate of existence ~Amitav Continue reading Echoes

Lost Trails

The lines end abruptly Sacrificed emotions smeared in burnt brown Words forced to be at the pyre Parched papers not succulent anymore Eyes have drifted to contemporary busyness A lacquered pen has lost its fierce creativity Fallen off the curled edges of agony Smouldering heart seeks solace in anonymity Vast verses will be composed Entire universe will be accommodated Walk between the lines  To discover … Continue reading Lost Trails